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Thursday, June 28, 2012

How to do free marketing on facebook

Free Facebook Marketing
Free Facebook Marketing
Here are some steps you can follow to do your marketing on facebook:-
  • Create a nice profile picture so that more and more people keep interest on your profile and want to keep in touch with you.
  • Create a facebook page and daily update your page so that users of your page don’t get bored often.
  • Create facebook group to communicate with your fellows members and share your ideas in it. When you share your knowledge in the group then most of the people tend to get paid help from you if the problem is little complex and beyond free advice.
  • Use nice looking quality timeline cover on your profile, group and pages.
  • Sometime redirecting facebook pages to your website link helps to publicize your product.
  • If you are a company which develops games then concentrates more on design of game rather than inventing your own programming engine for each game. You can also publicize your app or game on facebook pages to get the page busy.
  • Also join other groups and pages and contribute in commenting on others comments and posts. This will tell the other users of that community that you are active in the group and you have good knowledge about specific technology. So members of the community will follow your instruction and you can do market your products and services easily.
  • If you have a blog then use facebook connect on your blog so that facebook users can comment on your blog post and that comment will be posted on their walls also which publicize your blog.
  • Use big picture for your pages because it give good impact on the users who want to like the page.
  • About 60% of facebook users have age more than 35 so you have to keep this in mind and do your marketing on behalf of their taste.
  • You can also give rewards to the users who are more active in your facebook page. By doing this you can get more users interested in the specific page.
  • When you want to share some marketing picture of your product or any event picture then you can tag your friends so that this picture is shared on their walls also (if they have given permission to post on their wall). You can also make the picture private and only tag the friends which you want to see the picture. Also tell your friends to tag other friends of him so that the picture gets more popular on facebook.
  • You can also create events in facebook and invite your friends to attend the event. There is option in event in facebook that who is attended the event and who may be attending the event. So you can arrange your event on behalf of the facebook statistics of that event.
  • Also you have to keep adding friends on facebook but are careful, don’t add more than 10 friends on daily basis.
Using facebook is like a fun and you will enjoy using it for your marketing. But being a new user it is not possible for you to get instant result from facebook. You have to struggle some days to keep your personality renowned on facebook.
In facebook there is enter one time and no exit because facebook is very interesting to use and some people use it for wasting time all the day and doing nothing special. So you have to be very careful about time management. Keep your timetable about what you have to do daily on facebook and on which groups and pages you have to keep active. Do not use facebook all the day, just use it for your purpose and then do something else for your marketing strategies.


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I think now social media networks plays an important role in any business .So social media is about sharing, and sharing to a vacuum is useless. The more people signing up to view your message, the more likely you'll be able to effectively cultivate and monetize these relationships.

yep freiha you are right... :)

Then you have landed in a correct place. In this post I’ll show you, how to create a facebook fan page for blogger or any other platform. create facebook login

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