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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How To Associate Your Website With YouTube Channel. Add Website Links To Your Video

Those of us that use YouTube probably know that recently it allowed to associate your website or blog with YouTube channel and post external links from video to the website.
I have been researching how to associate a website with the YouTube channel for some time and it was not easy to figure out - not much help in YouTube FAQ section and forums. YouTube seems to be way too complicated and not user-friendly. But at last I was able to get "Associated website" on my account and now it appears in Annotations. So I decided to create a tutorial to help others.

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add your YouTube account toAssociate of your website in Google Webmaster Tool.
To do that:
  • log in to Google Webmaster Tool;
  • click on the website you want to associate with YouTube channel (note, that you can have only one website associated with your channel);
  • click on Configuration on the left;
  • click on Associate;
  • click Add new user;
  • write your email address associated with YouTube account;
  • check YouTube. Link YouTube channel to site;
  • click Add.
2. Go to your YouTube Settings (same page where you can see if you are in good standings).
3. In the left menu find Associated Website (in my case it's the latest link in the menu).
4. Click it and add the link to your site.
After I've done all of the above, I was able to see "Associated Website" annotation, and I'm now able to post links to my blog.


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