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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

ALERT iPhone: ‘Siri’ hidden feature in a new iPhone 5 concept

London: As speculation about the Apple iPhone 5 continues to mount there is a lot of talk about new features and specs the phone may have and also what sort of design Apple will come up with.
The video created by AatmaStudio imagines Apple’s artificial intelligence programme Siri disabling an iPhone by cracking its screen after wrong password is entered three times in a row. The assumption is that this of course renders the phone useless to the thief.
Wondering what about your data on the smartphone? After the three unuccessfult strikes, Siri quickly transfers your data to your iTunes account; and goes on to wipe out all your information on the phone. You will be notified on iTunes, where according to the site, the iPhone data recovery is now available only to you. The Siri then amusingly in all courteousness says goodbye before exterminating the iPhone.
The video titled “Siri Hidden Feature on iPhone 5″ comes from the same team which also made concept videos on ‘iPad 3′. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a video that had a 3D multiplayer hologram for gaming, a feature that allows a movie to be displayed across two connected iPad screens at the same time, thus enlarging the screen size.


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