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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hajr-Al-Aswad Tips For Hajj(Stone of Jannah)

(The Black Stone)
1. During the peak Hajj period, DO NOT attempt to kiss The Black Stone. The risk to your body is just too high. I've seen pilgrims coming out of this attempt dehydrated and in a daze; and I've been told some sustained injuries.

2. Even during the non-peak Hajj period, your chances of succeeding in this attempt within a 1 1/2-hour period are less than 50% even after midnight.
3. I hope the Saudi authorities will consider setting aside at least two days of the week exclusively for women who wish to touch/kiss this Stone. In the current circumstances, it is impossible for the majority of women pilgrims to do this.

4. Kissing Hajr-al-Aswad for a fee of SR 450!!! I do not know whether this is a con job or a service provided by a syndicate. Some pilgrims have been approached discreetly by individuals offering this service. DO NOT accept this offer. Just make a niyah to kiss Hajr-al-Aswad. If it is in the will of Allah s.w.t. for you, it will happen.

I hope the authorities will take appropriate measures to root this out. When demand exceeds supply, "black market" will creep in and sadly, the Hajr-al-Aswad has not been spared this.

5. Between the Yamani corner and Hajr-al-Aswad, pilgrims recite the "Rabbana ... " du'a. Learn more about this Complete Du'a so that it comes from your heart.


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