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Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Interested Flying Gadgets

Parrot AR Drone
Parrot-Although a home-build quadrocopter community has sprung up recently, most of us don’t have the time or the know-how to construct our own drone. Thankfully, you don’t need an engineering degree to start flying quadrocopters. The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 is ready to fly straight from the box, and controlled by wi-fi using an ordinary smartphone or tablet. There’s a high-definition camera inside the casing, and after installing the AR.FreeFlight 2.0 on your mobile device, you can download games and geolocation data on the best flying zones. In fact, the only thing you need to learn is how to fly the thing properly. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a lot of money on superglue.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
Swinglet CAM
Sensefly-A stealth plane in a suitcase – that was our first thought when we saw the Swinglet CAM. It’s not quite that advanced, however; you’d need a shrink ray to achieve that, and sadly they don’t exist. Yet. This flying machine is still mightily impressive though, featuring a high-resolution 12MP camera for covert surveillance, or (if you’re not a spy) aerial photography. A wingspan of 80cm and weight of less than half a kilogram means it can be launched by hand if needs be, while built-in artificial intelligence would enable it to even fly missions without any human input.MSN UK Tech & GadgetsIgarashi HelicopterIgarashi Design-If you’re bored of getting stuck in traffic, then you’ll probably be hoping that the Igarashi Helicopter will soon become a reality, rather than just a clever concept device. Instead of bellowing and smashing your fists against the wheel of your car, you could be zipping along high above the traffic in this one-man flying machine. Well, at least until someone decides to introduce toll booths in the sky.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
Yee Flying Car
Yanko Design / Zhu Wenxi, Lai Zexin, and Pan Jiazhi-Ah, the flying car – so long the dream of commuters and sci-fi geeks, and yet still no closer to becoming reality. We can still keep hoping, however. The latest concept model we wish we could drive (or should it be ‘fly’?) is called the ‘Yee’. Small and versatile, it’s designed to allow commuters to speed their way through the skies to work. It can operate as a four-wheeled road vehicle too; the propellers are situated in the back wheels to maximise the room inside. But however cool the Yee might be, it’s still no flying DeLorean – the ultimate flying car for anyone born in the 80s.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
Crows Nest Anti-Pirate UAV
Yanko Design / Jacob Lalinsky-’Argh, me hearties, what be that off our starboard bow? An albatross come to guide us to untold riches? Or could it be…OMG it’s a frickin’ Crows Nest Anti-Pirate UAV! Abandon ship!’ Granted, that’s not a wholly accurate representation of how Somali pirates would react upon seeing this concept drone approaching, but you get the idea. Crows Nest Anti-Pirate UAVs are designed to fly in rings around cargo ships as they sail the seven seas, acting as the ultimate pirate deterrent. If one of the drones detects a strange boat within the ships perimeter an alarm is sounded, giving the crew time to sharpen their cutlasses and extend the canons. Or something like that.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
P 330X-S Quad Flyer
Graupner-Apparently this quadrocopter is an ‘ideal starter size’ drone, which presumably means it won’t kill anyone if you crash it into their head while trying to land. A stablisation system with various different settings means it can be tailored to everything from docile to agile flight, and depending on which battery is fitted, you can also load up to 500g of weight. It can therefore be used for a variety of different tasks, such as aerial photography and night flight. This four-rotor marvel is controlled by an ordinary remote control; the duration of each of flight depends upon the size of the batteries. That and whether or not you can avoid something we call a ‘dual thumb malfunction’.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
Japanese definite ministry spherical drone
DigInfo News (, now this one is seriously creepy. Aside from looking like some sort of floating camera from a Hunger Games-style game show where contests are forced to battle to the death, it moves around in a disturbingly agile way. It can hover in mid-air, for example, as well as fly vertically and horizontally at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Three gyro sensors in the body keep it airborne even if it’s hit and it can even roll along the ground like some sort of evil football. The drone was designed by the Japanese defence ministry, and built from spare parts costing a mere US$1,400.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
JetLev Flyer first glance we thought the JetLev Flyer was just another crazy concept gadget. But no, it’s actually real – a personal flying machine that runs on a complicated water pressure system. The JetLev Flyer is the result of nine years of development, and it’s a dream come true for anyone who’s ever wanted to act out Super Mario Sunshine, or zip around a marina in a manner that would make James Bond jealous. Running on a four-stroke engine, this amazing machine lets you hover 1 -feet above the water; the top speed is around 30mph. Users can even dive beneath the sea in short bursts, before leaping skyward again like a strange human/dolphin hybrid.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
WP 500X-S Quad Flyer
Graupner-Have you ever seen anyone crash a remote-controlled plane? The dull, distant thud as someone’s beloved flying machine is reduced to a pile of smoldering plastic is truly horrifying. With the 500X-S Quad Flyer, however, such mishaps aren’t quite as stomach churning. This quadrocopter uses a minimal amount of parts in its design, so as well as being easy to assemble out of the box, it’s also relatively easy to reassemble when you hand the controls to one of your friends and they promptly plough it into the ground.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets
Autonomous Quadrotor
University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab-Created by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception (GRASP) Lab, the autonomous quadrotor is designed to fly with incredible precision, flipping and scooting through tiny gaps, as well as perching on surfaces. Normally several are deploted at a time, as a swarm, working in harmony to achieve certain goals, such as hunting down the enemies of their human masters…just kidding. In a video presented at the TED2012 conference, a team of quadrotors even managed to perform the James Bond theme on a variety of instruments. Personally, we think the Terminator theme would have been more fitting, but there you go.MSN UK Tech & Gadgets


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