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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What is SEO?

Discussing SEO online is like chewing peanuts. Because it is discussed everywhere on the internet now a days. SEO is a very popular and highly searched term these days for webmasters all over the world . It is now very essential after changing Google's policies. Google is the most popular search engine and all look towards it for traffic. So I have made a complete video tutorial of SEO in Urdu language which is compatible with 2012 SEO aspects. I have discussed SEO from the basics to Advance level in this course. Videos below will show you how to use best tools for SEO practices and which tools are recommended by Online Ustaad.

SEO Primary Target & Keyword Researching in Urdu
Whenever we decide to start a Website, first of all we purchase or choose a domain name, first we check if it is available or not. while purchasing a domain we must think about using a primary keyword in domain name, having got domain name we set a regional target for our website. If our website is about a product which belongs to Pakistan then we must think to set Pakistan as a primary audience's target for our website. For finding a target country we use an awesome Tool "Google Insights For Search" which is made by Google and it is still in Beta version. It is very smart tool to find out which is keyword searched mostly in what country. We just enter our primary keyword in that tool and take out resulted country. After choosing a targeted country we then start keyword research. We can use "Google Adwords Keyword Tool" for this purpose. It is also very interesting tool which gives you a number of Ideas absolutely free.


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