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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Google Account Chooser for Multiple Login on Google

If you have several accounts on Google, then I’m sure you will love this new feature started by the company the big G :P Google, because now no longer we have to toggle between two different accounts, logging in-off as we used to do, as this has been integrated into a single, and will allow us to switch between them quickly.

In order to activate this new system and start multiple session, first you must access this link, which automatically signs you up if you’re logged into one of your accounts. That account becomes the default account from which you can add others. You must click “stay signed in” in order for the feature to work.
From there, you can add other Google  accounts you have even you can add an account with google apps. For example, you put your Gmail account personal and official, so that you no longer have to logout and re-login each time. Of course, do not forget to select the option to “stay signed in”.
This new tool of Google works seamlessly with Gmail, but since the company state that may not work the right way with its other services. In that case the new service of Google does not support multiple login session, and user will be directed to the account’s  default logi


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