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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to help get your traffic back after a Google Penguin/Panda attack.

Find ways to get your help your site after Google Panda and Penguin Strikes

For many of us that have websites/blogs, Google Panda and Penguin were some very unfortunate algorithm changes that placed some detrimental affects on our traffic. However, we should not fully blame Google for what happened to our sites. We should really look at our sites and evaluate what kinds of ways can we make the situation better. Sometimes, the problem starts from within. That brings me to my first point: spammy links.
Spammy Links
Years ago, you may have gotten away with having spammy links or the like just to get more traffic and really rank well on Google's search engine. This is not the case for today. When you link back to low quality sites just for the sake of having backlinks - you are really hurting yourself in the long run. Backlinks to low quality sites = you getting the boot on top rankings. The best thing for you to do if you do have links is to get reputable links. Links that actually have value. This includes the blogroll links you have on your site. Not only are you creating your own grave for your site, but you do the same to others because they backlink your page. Trust me, I've gotten numerous emails from one of my sites when Google began this algorithm change nearly a year ago.
Blog Commenting
I can't stress that enough because it really is valuable. I'm not talking about a comment in which simply reiterate what the topic said or just being a "Yes" man. No. Provide value with your post even if you DON'T agree. Telling another side to the story or having a different approach can spark a better conversation or even a new blog post. Hell, you might even get some ideas for what your blog posts might say. You can get in touch with people that closely follow your niche and really find out what kinds of topics people want to know more about. It's an excellent way to engage. Hubpages is very useful for this type of engagement because it's more community based. You comment and write things of interest and the people follow. It just works like that.
Creative/Unique posts
Honestly, when you have a new spin on certain things it makes the topic fresh. If there is a topic out there saying Google Panda does this. Write something about your own personal experience and how you slowly climbed out of that obstacle. Remember, your blog means your take on the subject! Everyone is unique and you don't want to be a carbon copy of other people. Besides, having duplicate posts really makes Google think you are spam. Give credit where credit is due; don't bite (copy). Being creative doesn't just mean write it differently, maybe present in a new way such as pictures, a video, or even make some interesting comparisons just to separate yourself from the back.
Become more socially active
Now, I can write maybe three hubs just based off social active. Social media has really enabled us to stay in touch directly with the clientele. That's the beauty. Keeping that conversation going and really getting to know your audience. Twitter is excellent for writing short blurbs and seeing the power of retweeting, tweeting, and direct messages (dm). You can get your message out quicker. Usually the more specific and direct the title, the more chance you have to convert. Pinterest and Tumblr - viral media on steroids! If you are really creative, you can use your logo, your brand, a funny picture, or even a quote that's relative. You make it your own. Your content spreads by itself! That's basically promo for little to no cost! Take full advantage of that. Of course, we all know YouTube is an excellent way to get your message across. And the beauty, it is owned by Google YET the algorithm is way different the typical Google Search Engine! This means there is less competition but more chances for you to really spread your message!
Build your relationships
You can't do it all alone. You really can't especially now. Treat your followers, your prospects and the like as business partners. When you see some good posts on other blogs or people that you really feel that you genuinely can work with set up ways to do joint ventures or at the very least - guest posts. You'll notice that you naturally build this kind of cylical traffic that constantly bounces off between your relationships with others and your own site. It's an excellent way to keep that steady flow of traffic. I've personally done over 10 guest blog posts this year. I've seen what it has done to my traffic, my prospects, and my potential sales and demand for advertising on my site. It's an excellent way to really work the system.
These are just a few tips to hopefully help you get out of your slump. I'm slowly but surely coming up from mine. I had a site called Playstation 3 Game Console Review that was literally at the top of Google on the first page with a Page Rank 4. In fact, a few months ago I was getting to the 20,000+ unique visitors mark with little to no promotion. That was only after about 2 years of working on the site. However, Google Panda and Penguin both shot me down for having some unnecessary things on my site. You can read my personal account about that on my Making Money 2 Blog site.


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