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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Apple Becomes the Top Computer Seller, Beats HP

It is a reality that Apple is in the list of most profit-earning manufacturers over the past few years despite havinga low market share (due to its high prices).

According to report by Canalys, Apple has sold more computersystems than any other manufacturer in the world.
According to report, Apple sold 21 million systems in the second quarter of 2012, up from 13.1 million of the same quarter of 2011 and experienced a 59.9% increase in sales.
Compared to that, HP sold 13.5 million unites, down from 15.2 million of the same quarter of last year. Lenovo however, experienced a good increase in sales byselling 13.1 million units in this quarter, up from 10.3 million.
Apple captured 19.4% of the market-share in Q2 compared to the 12.5% and 12.1% of HP and Lenovo respectively.
One of the biggest reason is the launching of Retina Display Macbook which has a jaw-dropping resolution of 2800 x 1800.
Apple already earned huge profits by its Macintosh line of computers as early as 2010 when Apple had hold only 9% of the market shares but earned 35% of the market’s profits mainly due to the high prices of its products.
Worldwide total client PC shipment


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